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i am59 years old , divorced , i am live 5 km from St.Petersburg Russia in small wonderful village, but i am was born in Sochi near Black sea , because i am love warm weather ,in life I'm interested in everything because I love life. i love sea and mountains. And i want to return to live in Sochi of course!!! LOL In life i;m interested in swim, dive into the sea. go to the mountains, forest, picnic by the sea by the river, I like to ride a bike, ski. I love sea cruises. And travel by car. I like to sit by the TV with knitting in my hands. I like to read books. I adore cats. I love dogs. I dream of having a house in the mountains in Sochi and a small garden at the house. and then you can all come to visit me for a tasting of fine Caucasian wine !!!!
I am a wonderful hospitable hostess!!

Country:Russian Federation
Body Type:Aver