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Hello! Thank you for stopping by!! You're not just visiting my room on Stripchat, you're peeking inside my secret life!!

My name is Zafiro. I was born in Colombia on January 12, 1990 (I'm 28 years old). I love to meet new people, I love to laugh and to make others laugh. I also love sex! I mean, I'm insatiable! I've been this way since I was a teenager. Always horny, and wanting to orgasm. I love to insert huge dildos into my pussy and ass and fuck myself deep until I cum HARD!! When I'm not on this site, I love to watch hard core porno videos! It's such a major turn-on for me!
Also, and most importantly... If you like squirting, I'm your girl!! I'm a serious squirter. And I don't mean just a little dribbling wetness... I mean, huge, gushing squirts! I love it and can't get enough of it. That is what led me to start camming. I'm a mother, and none of my family knows about this. It is my secret life, but I love it! I love to stretch my pussy as wide as possible and bring myself to repeated orgasms. I love my fans and I love to squirt over and over for them!! I would basically swim in my squirt, if I could!

And I'd love to squirt for you!! I enjoy thinking about you letting me cum on your face over and over... and you just try to drink as much of my squirt juice as you can!


As I eluded to above, I'm very multi-orgasmic. I can cum countless times a day. My holes are so elastic I can stretch my cunt with big dildos with not problem (I love doing it).
I love to help you feel pleasure and forget the stresses in your life! If you want to watch me and cum with me, or, if you just want to converse about anything, I love to it either way! I'm a great listener, and I love to find different ways to solve various problems!!
Most commonly, I find that may fans love to tell me their darkest fantasies. Tell me your kinks and your erotic desires. Let me help fulfill that side of your life! Let's explore your boundaries together!! Nothing is too taboo (within the rules of this site, of course)... I'm naturally curious, very open minded, and completely non-judgemental!!

Where are you from?: Born and raised in Colombia!
Does the size of a man's cock matter to you?: For ME, the size doesn't matter. It's all about how you use it!! The movement is the key!! ;)
Are you Bi-sexual girl?: Yes, I am! I've enjoyed sex with other girls, and I hope to do it again!!
Do you squirt or cream?: BOTH! If you spend any amount of time in my room, you'll see both!!
Are you as escort? No! My services are strictly virtual (online only).
Would you like to know more about me? Yes...? That's PERFECT, because I would be so happy if you would give me the privilege of meeting you!!

Your support, your friendship, and our mutual pleasure...that's all that I want! :)


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Languages:English, Spanish, French
Body Type:Aver