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For the begging, my name is Nastya.I decided to write a few things about myself, because maybe you would like to know more about the person behind the cam.I wrote in a familiary way, easy to read, i avoid losing myself in words.I hope you find yourself amoung those features...maybe who knows, you will rebember me!
Who am I ?
- im years old
- im a student
- im a libra
- im not selfish
- im a verry special person
- im verry conffident
- im verry sociable
- im a little impacient
- i learn to swim at 7
- i m a verry good person and modest
- i only loved once
- i have a dog
- i have many fantesies, dont judge me!
- my favorite cocktail is Pina Colada
- i dont want to marry
- i belive in love
- i always follow my heart
- im a fun person
- i belive in a better world
- when i was little i want to became an actress
What i like?
- i love music ????
- i love animals, especially dogs ????
- i love reading ????
- i love to swim ????
- i like to go to the gym ????
- i like to eat ????
- i like sporty and elent clothes ????????
- i love blue roses ????????
- i love to dance ????
- i love inteligent people ????
- i love shoes and bags ????????
- i love nature ????
- i love a good wine and a good songs ????????
- i like sunrises ????
- i love to fuck and to make love ????
What i don t like
- i don t like people who talk to much
- i don t like lies, i hate them!
- i don t like insects
- i don t like people who are insint
What i think?
- i know life is meant to be lived
- i think flawless friends do not exist
- i think what goes around comes around
- i know im not Miss Universe
- i know that nothing lasts forever
- i want an endless story, but not 0 Shades of Grey
- i want to become the best version of myself
Movies : comedy, horror, adventures ( Lord of the Rings, Gone with the wind, Saw Series, Marvel films
Series : me of Thrones, Sex and the city, Narcos
Books : The intelligence of matter, The history of religions, Osho, The ultimate journey: Consciousness and the miy of death, Whiterig Heights , 0 Shades of Grey, etc
To read : Bardo Thodol ( the tibetan book of death) , The power of now
Turn on : intelligence, sense of humor , talk dirty to me, the look
Turn off : stupidity, the gelosy, to much hair

I'm here every day ! kiss

Languages:English, Spanish, French
Country:Dominican Republic
Body Type:Curvy