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If you get here you make me happy! I like people who want to know of me, My stage name is Lise, can you tell me anyway, less "Bitch" "Slut" i hate it, I'm 21 years old, I'm from Colombia and currently living in Bogota, although i love my country i would like to in a future in Spain. I am a girl without complications, very loving and sensitive, I love a lot my family, my mom, my sister, my grandmother and my two dogs, everything I do and i'm in life is only for them.
I found on this page a really great support in my life, they make me feel unique and special and help me my dreams. If you support me would be grateful too, and all love of world for you.
I like tattoos, I like the freedom of a person, am a lover of good rap, I like to dance, I like to enjoy life, I like to learn new things, I like to smoke weed sometimes, I like to smile but sometimes I enjoy being a girl serious, I like to eat a lot (do not ask because I am thin, it's just genetics) I like the partys MUCH!