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A interview with Linda:

1.What is your name and what is your age?
- Well my name is Linda and hmmm my age dont you know is not nice to ask a lady about here age, just joking I am 25 i dont mind telling my age is what i think is just a number it dosen`t represent who you are.

2.Why you like to do in free time?
- In my free time i am normal women i go shopping... lol, but i also like to read a lot you most of time if you get to the point to know me better that just online you always find me with a book in my hand or if i am to lazy i read on phone oh yes and how could i forget movies i like to go watch but not all just some that they caught my attention. I rather read that be on facebook all day or any other like this

3.Are you single or in relation?
- Well i can say for sure that i am more single 90% of time that being in relation, but who knows maybe one of you guys will win my heart some day i love to have a lover or why not more lool

4.Are you straight or bisexual?
- If you asked me a year go i would have said straight but this past year i discovered that can have fun with a girl 2 and i like it, i did say i am single no that i didan`t have sex i am a mature women that like to experience new things and of course i some times have those one night stands or friend with benefits.

5.Tell us one of your fantasy?
- Well i have a lot of fantasy one of them is for example that i of me my fantasy is about 2 guys that i am goingto call them. A and b that I take turns sucking them deep into my mouth, licking their cock, probing their balls. Guy a lies down on the bed and I position myself over him, sliding down on his cock. He grabs me firmly and helps me move up and down on his cock. Guy B positions himself behind me, his cock pressing against my bum. He pushes in slowly, filling me completely. The two of them begin to fuck me almost in a rhythm slowly then more harder as we are near our orgasm they make me cum first and soon they follow guy a cumes inside me and guy b takes is cook out and comes on my ass as i collapse very satisfied against guy a.

6.What you do in pvt show ?
- I like to enjoy myself and chat and get very naughty i am very open mined and i can do what you asking for me but also there are some extreme things that will be extra.

7.Do you squirt?
Hmm i honest never had big squirt so if want me to do it convince and make do my first squirt show live for you.

8.Do you have toys?
- Yes i do and you can ask me to show you if dont see them already and if i tell you i will use a toy for only one thing respect dont go tell me "baby put the huge toy in your ass" hmm why dont i see you put it first then we talk. I don want to be rude but some must understands limits.

9.Do you like what you do?
- Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing. By Woddy Allen do you know this quote well yes i believe is true and why not i like to do 2 things a the same time have some fun while win some cash you got to live somehow dont i, ah only if i could live with sex only...lol but sadly this is not true you need a lot more that.

**Also i want to mention that if you any of you have a request do not expect for me to do it if do not tip, and what else i can say feel free chat i always like to have somebody to chat with and laugh or even more better get naughty.

I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.

Languages:English, Japanese
Body Type:Large

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