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Languages:Spanish, English
Body Type:Aver

About cam model

Hello guys welcome to my room, I am kristel, Im 24 years old, Ive been with you sometime ago , and Im so happy to share excellents and pleasures moments with you

I am a very naughty girl and dancer, I like to fulfill sexual fanatasies or fetishes, talk to me and tell me yours. I love to keep good conversations and know them every day more. Your advice excites me a lot. I like to give them a lot of pleasure, my best friend is the Lush, I love feeling it vibrating inside of me, I imagine it's you.

My dream is to be one of the best on the page and travel the world, maybe one day I'll get to you.
I love my followers

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1.Do not be Rude

2. Don't promote other models or rooms.

3. Please do not post sexual or rude graphics in my room.

4. Don't Demand or make request without tipping.

5. Never Dirty Talk, only in council notes

6. don't treat anyone in the room wrong or you'll be gone