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Languages:English, Russian
Country:Russian Federation
Body Type:Athletic

About camgirl

♥♥♥thanks to all who spends time and money on me, I love you and appreciate♥♥♥


I am a very friendly girl, I love to talk and to have interesting conversations, I am very attentive with whom I care, I like very much to dance, to socialize with all kind of people, I am spontaneous, I love to treat with respect to all to obtain the same thing . I like to play volleyball, to train in the gym, to skate. I love electronic music, to dance in a sensual way.

♥Do You like my smile? -= 11 tkn.
♥Do You like me? = 50 tkn
♥graceful faces= 38tk
♥15 jumps =40tk
♥Do you think that I'm sexy? =20 tkn
♥request dance =105tk
♥write your name in my body=26
Rate Me ★★★★★ pls)thanks in advance
My Room Rules

✌ For those who have entered in my room , you need to follow these rules to make sure that myself and other members are having a wonderful time! :

➀ Please say ''Hello '' in the chat room when you enter the room !

➁ If you like what you see, please tip .

➂ Do not demand without tip.

➃ Do not ask for extreme things

➄ Do not be rude with me and my friends .. If you do not like me , just leave my room.

➆ Don t promote other models or talk about them in the room.