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Hello, guys! I'm graduated school and worked as a professional go-go dancer at the night club in my city. I love gym and healthy food so my body is in a great sport form. I love night life and plan to work at late hours. I guess this site is a great place to make new friends and have fun. I have lots of sex fantasies and I plan to realise them here. free to know me better and we will have superb time!
Level settings for LUSH
1 to 20 tokens: LOW VIBRATIONS for 1 SECOND
21 to 50 tokens: LOW VIBRATIONS for 5 SECONDS
51 to 100 tokens: MEDIUM VIBRATIONS for 7 SECONDS
101 to 500 tokens: HIGH VIBRATIONS for 25 SECONDS
501 to 2000 tokens: ULTRA HIGH VIBRATIONS for 60 SECONDS

Languages:English, Russian
Body Type:Athletic

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