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SO,things have been difficult for me lately ,i am not feeling appreciated so there is no motivativation to come online. There was a time when i loved to be online and people were not so inconsiderate. I m gonna say this because i am tired of people expecting shows for free, many people assume i will always be naked and dancing. Where is the incentive? Nothing is free in life ,not bread not water not CIGARETTES :)) so neither can I be free ..So stop asking me for shows for free or any kind of entertainment because when you guys go to work you wont do it for free either....
I love to chat with people and i do not mind if you need to vent, however i would like a token of appreciation for being a good listener . That is one of the biggest issues i have a lot on my head at the moment and misery loves company....

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that bothers me i will block it.

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I started reading Pablo Neruda today and made me think about love and how it should be be,then i read this and i thought that i wish for that too...
“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
what the important things in life are all about…..not the past but the present…..not the future but right now…. we can never change what we have done and have no idea what lies ahead but the todays and the tonights are what matter…. if someone means the world to you and they are walking away…..bring them back to you….asking forgiveness is easier than asking permission….. no one is perfect….we make mistakes …..small ones big ones….life altering ones….but that doesn’t mean that it is unfix-able… just know that it will take time….but after all…what else do any of us have …but time….second chances can be a wonderful thing….
"Until one has loved a dog, a part of one's soul remains unawaken"
Next a little rant that the people who is addressed to wont probably read lol
Now I have been here well over 2 years,one thing I don't understand is how a user can say the same thing over and over in different chat rooms, get banned every time, yet still keep doing it. Sure, there are trolls who do it on purpose and get off on being assholes; but I think a lot of these guys simply do it because they have no sense.
Okay, here are some of the more common things that will annoy or totally piss off a cam model, or at the least make me ignore you. They will likely annoy a lot of the other users as well.

BB: What the HELL does that mean? What does it MEAN? Where did it come from? Whatever the case, it makes you sound retarded. That's why all those people in chat are making fun of you.

I PMed you, you have a PM, read your PM, PM baby, etc.: Yeah, I'm a model, i get a lot of PMs. You probably just sent me a message asking me if i want to video call and see your 14" thick pulsing shiny cock, or to ask me if i'll Skype for PayPal. Either way, it can wait. I'm on cam to do a show. If it's that important, say it in chat. What makes you think your PM is more important than the twelve other ones i just got?

Do you like big dick, small dick, etc.: Really? This is all you can think to say? First of all, what defines big or small... but besides that, it's a boring topic of conversation.

Demanding:Don't demand anything, Tip for requests if you can; if you can't, be glad for what you see for free.

Are you a virgin?-I TOTALLY AM !!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how you guessed it!GOT ME!!!!

Tip begging, gold trolling: "Tip beggars" are basic users who ask or tell gold users to tip. Really? This is nonsense. I don't think being a gold member makes you superior, I really don't but , my gold friends and I, don't need to hear comments from people who haven't spent a cent to support the models. If you want me to do something, buy tokens and tip. "Gold trolling" is being obnoxious to gold members because you're jealous. Don't. Whom do you think the model is going to support if a basic user starts a argument with a gold user? This includes saying stuff like "come on guys, she deserves tips" and
"I'm too poor to tip." Leave it alone... or suffer the consequences.

What's the biggest cock you've ever had: Really, do I walk around with a ruler and measure the guy's shaft every time I had sex? And how many times do you think i get asked this question .Plus i don't kiss and tell.

Do you mind that I'm 16?: YES! I DO! This site has an age limit, and that is 18. Oh, you were joking? It's not funny. Too late... banned. This site operates under certain laws, and i take some things seriously.

You look like my s****r, mother, girlfriend, some famous actress, etc.: Really? First, you're probably lying. Second, do you think this makes me happy in any way? It usually pisses me off . Don't waste your time or my time.

Do you have a boyfriend or husband, Why are you single, You're too sexy to be home doing this,you should be a model/ actress,etc.: Leave my personal life alone. Do you think any of these things are making me wet?

You shouldn't smoke: Really? it's 2015, I think everyone knows the risks of smoking. I can smoke if I want to. Do you think you're the one person who is going to suddenly change my mind?

Stand up, turn around, give me a sneak peek, etc.: What the hell am I a trained seal? You stand up. And if you're a gold member, shame on you. Tip for requests!

This is just the tip of the iceberg...
I m not a bad person or a bitch,really but after 5 years of hearing to the same crap every night i got more then tired of it...
Now I'm often on my cam just having a good time chatting with people, listening to music, in my lingerie. That's all free as long as you're a nice person. However, please don't enter my room asking me to do things for you without looking at my goal for the day. I am someone who appreciates a gentleman who will at least tip me before asking me to strip for him -- that's the least a girl can ask for, right? :P