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Other names: Asian_Mecel_31, hotpinaypussy, Precious-Me-cel

Body Type:Athletic

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There is Something about me ❤❤❤
Hi Guys ,my name is Mecel and i'm 26 yrs old!!!, I'm a Student right now because i am trying to finish my College and i am also Single Mom and i always trying to learn about everything!

If you want to know more about me,come visit me at my room, I'm happy to meet new people and spend time with them @};--

1. When you come into a my room,Be kind because no body people like to act like asshole, have the decent to say (Hi or Hello) altest.

2.Read the topic! It will tell you how many tokens are left and what will happen if we reach the goal. : -)

3. Don’t come into a room and demand to do something like tits, pussy, show me your ass.

4. If i in the middle of a show, be polite, say hello, and then tip if you enjoy what you can see.

5. This is for green,grays and Gold’s as long your kind to me i would talk you to be fair ,
i hope respect that and understand that this work to earn tips for i pay does bill i had and other i needed.

6. Remember please ask how much cost to do a request (ass, pussy, tits) and if too much thank her and leave.

7.Read my profile there have some question about me are answered already.

8. I know you will meet models and all they want are tokens, they don’t want to get to know you and they don’t want you to know them.

9. I lives outside of this site; I have feelings fell hurt because i'm not robot’s, I eat, I sleep, I had problems just like you do. This is my job when on cam, tokens are how i get paid.

10. Last,I deserve respect and I do my best to give you the respect that you deserve.I try to do my best to make you happy and try to give back in return.


GOD BLESS US xxxx @};----