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Hey Cuties,
Im Melody.
A girl with opened mind, and free spirit.
All what i would like here, is to have fun together, get to know each other, and make our fantasise into real action.
Im very pleased if we can make a deep relationship, and fill it up with true thoughts, and pure love!
The only rule is : Respect yourself, to be respectful with others.
Tell me your wishes with the maximum honesty, and im sure together we can make them true.
Luckily some of you, all ready know me, and my temper.
I started to camming, because my dream was to stared a music producing school. Which means creating music from nothing...this fact just amazing! Im in love in the power of music!
Thankfulness, you were helped me to reach that dream, and now im learning how to use the Ableton Live program, and digging deeper and deeper into the music industry.
I will never forget that, and i will be so grateful in my entire life.

However, i already got something else ...:P
...my other dream is , moving to Maui and live in a Medicine Ashram.
Work for them, live with them.
I always has the feeling, im not meant to be in a city.. not anymore!
My soul and body just prefer natural stuffs i guess..

Country:United States
Body Type:Athletic