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Known as: 1Annett

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* Hello! I m Anna,welcome to my small cyber world,to my page! Relax and feel free to talk or ask questions(normal ones hehe):)*

FIRST of all, I'm gonna let you get to know me a little bit better than just picture from my camera that you can see and introduce myself with some things about me:

--I love SMART and CARING men and on my opinion there is no more sexier thing than smart and caring man, and I will always be attracted to these qualities in the first place on top of everything else! :)

-When I'm in love, I turn into miss Caring.I always was like this and always will be :)

-I very love animals and I help them to the best of my ability,animals are my Achilles ' heel in this life.

-I love to travel very much ,I have already visited several countries and plan to visit more,My wish to visit 20 different countries per 1 year!I don't know what year of my life it's gonna be, but it's gonna happen.)

-To be continued....:))

Languages:English, German, Russian
Country:United Kingdom
Body Type:Aver

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